These tanks can be used in any number of applications, such as:

  • Anaerobic Digesters (Biogas)
  • Fermentation Tanks
  • Sedimentation Tanks
  • Water & Sanitation Tanks
  • Digestion Tanks
  • Aeration Tanks
  • Storm water retention basins
  • Elevated Reservoirs
  • Flammable and/or environmentally dangerous liquids safety tanks
  • Clarifier Tanks
  • Filtration Tanks
  • Sprinkler Tanks
  • Fire Fighting Tanks
  • Safety tanks for flammable and/or environmentally dangerous liquids
  • Loose storage tanks (salt, sand, chipping, etc)
  • Rain water harvesting tanks
  • Agricultural application tanks

The Post-tensioned Panel Reservoir is available in volumes that range from 174m3 (174,000lt) to 5,715m3 (5,715,000lt).

Key Features

  • We cast elements from 3m up to 7m in height, diameter ranging from 8.6m to 32.60m
  • Our reservoirs contain water from 159Kl to 5,600Kl
  • We cast our elements in a controlled environment with a C 35/45 XA3 XF3
    concrete mix design with graded dolomite aggregates
  • We strip within 12 hours so our final concrete strength is well over 50MPa
  • Thickness of the elements are between 130 – 160mm
  • We make use of 9mm pre-stress cables that is stressed vertical in the elements.
  • Rest of the reinforcing is 6mm welded mesh for crack control.
  • The hoop tension are addressed with 15mm post-tension cables that run horizontally and the tension is calculated for the specific reservoir depth and diameter.
  • All stressing cables Fep 1570/1770
  • The post tension gables are grease and plastic coated and ran in ducts. This aids in the corrosion resistance of the hoop steel.
  • The concrete cover on the reinforcing is from the inside of the tank 45mm and from the outside 32mm.
  • The joint between the elements are sealed with a special grout from Sika that can handle the pressure of the post tension.
  • The inside of the joint is sealed with a polyurethane seal.
  • Where the floor and wall join, we make use of Sika swell cast into a concrete ring beam.
  • We manufacture the tanks under licence from Famitec in Holland.
  • Our tanks conform to the strict Eurocode 2 part 3.
Waste water treatment plant

Dura Tank Design Codes & Standards

SMEC Africa was appointed by Aquadam to design various Dura reservoirs to be constructed for numerous projects according to specific design codes and standards.

Industrial liquid storage concrete reservoir

Factory & Manufacturing

All installation materials are locally sourced and converted in our factory into a product that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet offers unsurpassed quality and performance for the end user. Aquadam holds stock of the Smart Tank up to 12 metres in diameter enabling us to deliver even faster, streamline the process and improve on your expectations.

Large scale industial concrete reservoirs


Custom-designed and manufactured precast concrete panel reservoir

Each system is custom-designed and manufactured according to specific requirements. Standard precast concrete panels are cast in our own factory to ensure exceptional quality, and are assembled on-site on a cast-in situ bottom slab. Individual panels are 1 575mm wide, between 130mm and 160mm thick, and vary in height from 3 to 7 meters. The number of panels used in a single reservoir installation can range from 15 to 66 panels, which means the system offers outstanding versatility.

The vertical joints between the pre-cast panels consist of a waterproofing mortar, and once the panels and joints have been assembled the entire system is post-tensioned using horizontal circumferential mono strands. Together, this ensures that the system is perfectly watertight and exceptionally durable.

Manholes, pipes, anchorages etc. are cast into the concrete panels during the manufacturing process as required, and the concrete panel tank system can be closed with a pre-cast or cast-in situ concrete roof.

Because the panels are longitudinally prestressed, the concrete reservoir is stressed both vertically and circumferentially, resulting in a structurally sound and stable system.

Easy Installation

Installation of these prefabricated concrete panel tanks is quick and can take place in almost all weather conditions. In addition, the mechanised, low labour-intensive installation procedure makes for a safer working environment.

The Aquadam Prestressed Panel Reservoir is designed to exacting standards and meets the highest European standard of water tightness, Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures – Part 3 Liquid retaining and containment structures.


Volume in m3 / KLFreeboard = 300mm
Tank ModelTank DiameterWall Height (M)