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Key Features

  • Steel-reinforced, seamless concrete wall structure
  • High strength due to low water-to-cement ratios
  • Low absorption due to high compaction
  • Resistance to weathering and chemical attack
  • Maintenance-free
  • Economical, since the formwork is reduced considerably and construction time is kept to a minimum
  • Concrete can be placed in various areas and forms
  • Good waterproofing qualities due to high cement content and compaction
  • Structurally sound and durable construction
  • Life expectance of over 40 years

Design Specifications

Material Standard
Reinforced steel Ref.: 156 SABS1024/1991
Ref.: 193 SABS1024/1991
Breaking strain 510 mPa
Minimum yield point 485 mPa
Cement 32,5 mPa (min.)
Cement-to-sand ratio 3,5:1
Durable gunite tanks


Minimum height 1,6 m
Maximum height 2,4 m
Minimum diameter 4,36 m
Maximum diameter 30,51 m
Minimum volume 19 m3 (19 000 ℓ)
Maximum volume 1569 m3 (1 569 000 ℓ)

Did you know?

Aquadam is a market leader in using the gunite method to manufacture seamless, reinforced concrete reservoirs. Every Gunite Dam, new or repaired, constructed by Aquadam is accompanied by an industry-unique 10-year guarantee. The Gunite Dam can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. It is reinforced to create a seamless concrete layer for the wall structure and displays exceptional resistance to the elements.


Aquadam’s gunite reservoir, also known as a seamless concrete reservoir, offers many advantages over conventional concrete in terms of repair work and new construction. It is more economical to use than conventional concrete, since formwork is reduced considerably. Because the sand and cement are mixed dry and pneumatically conveyed through an easily manoeuvred hose, it enables placement of concrete in the most inaccessible areas, and it bonds perfectly with properly prepared surfaces of concrete, steel, rock, stone, brick, or tile. It has good waterproofing qualities, even in thin sections.

Steel reinforcement keeps the whole structure together and strongly integral, with the cement mainly serving the purpose of waterproofing. Filling, emptying, and temperature variations cause the rigid concrete layer to expand and contract and these movements may result in cracks. Our structures are flexible enough to control the cracking and yet not leak, because a gushing leak may cause the steel reinforcement to rust. Our design is according to strict British standards that allow cracks to be no wider than 0,2 mm. The cracks may be visible when the reservoir is empty, but “heal” themselves as it is filled with water and the concrete expands and absorbs some water.

The junction of the wall and floor was designed to make use of L-bars and splice bars to counter excessive movement in this area and transfer stresses to the hoop bars, which are high-tensile bars 10-12 mm thick. The hoop reinforcement in the wall is placed in accordance with the critical zone, which depends on the size and height of the dam. The position of these hoops is calculated to be within 25 mm of the point of maximum stress to inhibit excessive movement.

Aquadam gunite reservoirs therefore provide many years of reliable and outstanding service, surpassing all other concrete dams in quality, durability and, ultimately, cost. It has high strength, low absorption, good resistance to weathering and many kinds of chemical attack, and has excellent fireproofing qualities.

Various companies, mines, institutions, governmental departments, and individuals are constantly commissioning Aquadam to construct new and to repair existing concrete reservoirs. Our unique method of repairing leaking dams and reservoirs is not used by any other manufacturer in the industry.

The success rate and great demand for seamless structures have opened doors throughout the country, and Aquadam installs gunite reservoirs anywhere.

Easy Installation

The Gunite Dam is manufactured on site by pneumatically spraying the 35 mPa concrete mixture 100 to 150 mm thick into the steel reinforcing formed into the required size and shape placed against the steel shutters or panels. Afterwards, the shutter is stripped and the reservoir is finished by hand. This method keeps the water-to-cement ratio very low (0,4 and under) and work time in the concrete’s green time is minimised.

The Gunite Dam’s favourable properties are contingent on good specifications and materials, and proper surface preparation, mixing, gunite application, and supervision. In general, properly applied gunite is a structurally sound and durable construction process for reservoirs and exhibits excellent bonding characteristics with concrete, masonry, rock, steel, and many other materials.

Many projects have proven that our steel-reinforced, seamless concrete Gunite Dam is unique, and it comes standard with a 10-ten year guarantee .