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  • Clarifier
  • Filtration tanks
  • Fire water tanks
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  • Industrial tanks
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Key Features

  • Epoxy coated steel tank with electrostatic powder coating application
  • Epoxy powder coated high strength steel with a excellent resistance to aggressive contents
  • Hydrostatic design to withstand loads when full to top capacity level
  • Seismic design to withstand loads resulting from seismic forces e.g earthquakes
  • Tanks sheets is hot rolled from low carbon, non alloy mild steel plates
  • Rolled structural angles and wind stiffeners
  • Tank bolts encapsulated with a high impact polypropylene copolymer
  • External colour as standard in Green and blue, other colours are available on request

Epoxy coating requirements

Epoxy coating is tested to stringent standards. It meets or exceeds the following internationally comparable coating requirements:

  • ISO 12944
  • WIS 4-25-01
  • ISO 28765:2008
  • EEA 7.20
  • EEA 7.24
  • EEA 7.25
  • AWWA D103-97
  • WRAS
Epoxy Coated Steel Tank

The Global market for the epoxy coated product is growing exponentially and we would like you to share in this growth. Factory and Manufacturing All installation materials are locally sourced and converted in our factory into a product that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yet offers unsurpassed quality and performance for the end user. Aquadam holds stock of the Future Tank and the Smart Tank up to 12 metres in diameter enabling us to deliver even faster, streamline the process and improve on your expectations.

Epoxy Coating

The epoxy coating provides a highly resistant coating to the Rhino Tank panels. The epoxy coating is electro-statically applied and thermally bonded in a 2-coat process to the steel panels. This is a DuPont dry powder coating that is then fused to the tank's surface at a temperature of approximately 280°C. The DuPont powder coating is available in virtually every colour, and once applied it is fused for life and never needs repainting. This process provides the most durable and resistant coating possible. All products are then tested for discontinuities and thickness prior to dispatch. Aquadam guarantees that only 100% defect free panels leave the factory.

The DuPont coating used on Rhino Tanks is the same as that used in chemical and industrial piping applications, and as such it is tougher than Zinc/Aluminum coatings and is exceptionally resilient to on site damage.

Because the coating system is electro-statically charged, all internal bolt holes and sheet edges are thoroughly coated for maximum protection. The coating is highly resilient to chipping, cracking or flaking off, even when bolts are being tightened during installation.

Highly Versatile

The Rhino Tank is well suited for storing a wide variety of liquid chemicals, with a pH suitability of 2-11 and temperatures of up to 60°C. Because the Rhino Tank is UV-stabilized, these tanks are suitable for temperate, humid and even abrasive desert conditions. The Rhino Tank is suited for a wide variety of storage requirements; from potable water, municipal sludge, anaerobic digestion, demineralized water and many more applications.

A full range of optional extras is available, including roofing, access ladders, staircases, rest and working platforms and walkways.


Volume in m3 / KLFreeboard = 50mm
Tank ModelTank DiameterNumber of Rings / Wall Height
RT42.99m 6 14 2230 38 4654637179
RT64.49m 13 32 50 68 86104123141159177
RT85.98m 24 56 89 121 153 186218250283315
RT107.48m 37 88 138 189 240 290341391442492
RT128.97m 54 127 199 272 345 418490563636709
RT1410.47m 73 172 271 370 469 568668767866965
RT1611.97m 96 225 354 484 613 743872100111311260
RT1813.46m 121 285 449 612 776 9401104126714311595
RT2014.96m 149 352 554 756 9581,1601362156517671969
RT2216.46m 181 425 670 915 1,159 1,4041648189321382382
RT2417.95m 215 506 797 1,088 1,380 1,6711962225325442835
RT2619.45m 253 594 936 1,277 1,619 1,9612302264429863327
RT2820.94m 293 689 1,085 1,482 1,878 2,2742670306624633859
RT3022.44m 336 791 1,246 1,701 2,156 2,6103065352039754430
RT3223.93m 383 900 1,418 1,935 2,453 2,9703488400545235040