PVC Roof Cover

A simple solution to all your algae-growth problems in your tank, dam and other bodies of water.



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PVC Roof Cover- The solution to all your algae growth and debris problems.

After a lot of consideration and customer requests, we decided to develop a very cost-effective DIY  tank roof cover, which performs exactly the same as a corrugated dome roof, except it is half the price. Instead of 500-micron corrugated sheeting, we use a 700-micron thick polyvinyl chloride sheeting with a UV stabilizer,  flame retardant, and anti-algae growth inhibitor.

This means that a tank covered with a 700 micron PVC cover will last for more than 5 years in direct sunlight, wind, rain and will never burn on its own. The roof cover is very light and easy to install with only two people. We use the same engineered designed roof trusses for the frame, which will support the PVC material from collapsing or falling into the tank due to strong winds, rain, hail or tornados.

The PVC tank roof cover will prevent evaporation from the sun, or contaminating the water due to dust, leaves or debris from trees or wind. The cover will give you years and years of trouble-free service and is very easy and inexpensive to replace.

If you do considers to cover your tank to keep your precious water cool and clean, please consider a dome roof cover for your tanks and save on the cost of purifying water for human and animal use.

The Dome PVC Cover is the most cost-effective method to cover your D.I.Y. tank versus a steel roof structure. The PVC Cover is a 700 micron PVC material which is grey in color and is UV resistant and flame retardant which means that should you have a fire your roof will not go up in flames, instead will only melt the PVC material.

Floating Cover

Our very popular floating cover is so cost-effective, anyone can afford it and save on your water bill. The cover is very light. Therefore,  it will float with the water up and down, preventing the water evaporation due to sunlight. The polyvinyl chloride anti-algae floating cover material offers excellent UV protection. As a result, prevents Algae growth. In addition to this, it also prevents wind-borne debris from entering the water and allows rainwater to permeate through.

The structure of the floating anti-algae cover is maintained using a 40m PVC pipe which is inserted into the integral pockets, with end caps securing the pipe ends.


– Very Strong
– Suitable for any diameter tank
– Easy to install
– Prevent algae growth and wind-born debris entering the water
– Prevents water evaporation

The PVC material is also Translucent. Therefore, it allows natural light to go through the material. Additionally, the PVC material also has Antifungal elements which will help the non-growth of algae and fungi in your tank.

The PVC Cover is easy to install with step by step instructions to assist you.

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PVC Cover Sizes

Cone PVC Cover – Dia 5.98m (EST 8), Cone PVC Cover – Dia 8.98m (EST 12), Dome PVC Cover – 12.72MØ (EST 17), Dome PVC Cover – 5.98MØ (EST 8), Dome PVC Cover – 8.98MØ (EST 12), Floating Cover – 12.72MØ (EST 17), Floating Cover – 5.98MØ (EST 8), Floating Cover – 8.98MØ (EST 12)

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