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Home Tank. The solution to all your frustrations during a water outage. In today’s day and age, it’s important to become self-sufficient and prepared for water cuts at any time. That is why we have designed, manufactured and engineered the perfect home water tank for your family’s needs.

Home Tank Technical Details:

Why choose a Zincalume (Steel) Water Tank?

Zincalume consists of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, which makes it extremely strong, durable and weather-resistant. Our Aquadam Steel tanks are manufactured with our customer’s needs in mind.

Therefore, these tanks have a wide range of application within the domestic sector. These applications include:

  • Water Storage Tanks (Clearwater tanks, Greywater tanks Domestic water tanks, Portable Water Tanks)
  • Fast DIY Tanks
  • Filtration tanks
  • Holiday resort tanks
  • Rain Water Harvesting tanks
  • Rapid deployment tanks
  • Remote sites
  • Township development tanks

Furthermore, these tanks have very unique benefits.

Steel Water Home Tank Colours

Zincalume Steel Tank Benefits:

  • Strength

Lasting a minimum of 20 years. They will not buckle, crack or break under pressure. They can be filled to full capacity without having to worry about the material strength.

  • Hygenic

Additionally, Aquadam Home Tanks has corrosion protection due to the polymer coating on the inside of the tank walls and base. Therefore, algae and bacterial growth are prevented.

  • Aesthetics

We manufacture these water tanks in a wide range of colours. Therefore, you have full control of the aesthetics. Furthermore, most clients agree that these tanks fit in better than plastic tanks.

  • 100% UV Protection

The difference between steel and poly/plastic rainwater tanks are that a steel rainwater tank is 100% UV-proof, ensuring that steel rainwater tanks will not degrade in sunlight. Plastic or polyethylene rainwater tanks are affected by ultraviolet light. Therefore, they can break down over time, losing both strength and colour.

  • Water Temperature Regulation

Corrugated steel keeping water at lower temperatures than conventional plastic water tanks. Therefore, you never have to worry about your tank water getting to hot.

Read more on why you should be choosing Steel Water Tanks for your home: Plastic Water tanks vs. Steel Water Tanks




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