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Zincalume Corrugated Tanks

Smart Tank Extreme

Why a Smart Water tank?

The Smart Tank is a complete custom-built water storage tank according to your specifications. Adapt the tank shell, roof sheets, colour and resistance to wind speeds against extreme weather conditions and ship it to anywhere in the world.

Using the latest geomembrane technology, we make sure that the liquid stored inside is not contaminated: the tank is lined with a certified potable liner suitable for human and animal consumption.

Corrugated Steel Tanks

Aquadam supplies a wide range of  Zincalume Corrugated Tanks under the Smart Tank brand, for affordable & flexible use in many applications. The special characteristics of the Smart Tank corrugated steel tank are quality, firmness of shape & mechanical strength.

The Smart Tank has been branded under two categories; the Smart Tank Extreme which is your option for a completely customised water storage tank and the Smart Tank Express which is standard tanks sizes obtainable from your nearest authorised dealer or our online shopping chart.


Key Features

  • Designed to the highest South African standards
  • Certified and approved by professional engineer
  • Cost-effective, high quality panel-type reservoir
  • Stronger than galvanized tanks that will last longer
  • Modular system that bolts together
  • Optional zincalume light weight roof
  • Design life of over 50 years
  • Flat pack and easy transportable
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Firmness of shape and mechanical strength

Design Specifications

Our Smart Water Tanks are design to highest international standards.

  • AWWA D103-97: (American Water Works Association) Standard for Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks for Water Storage.
  • SANS 10160-3: Basis of Structural Design and Actions for Buildings and Industrial Structures – Part 3 : Wind Actions.
  • SANS 282:2004: Edition 5.1 – Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete.
  • AS/NZS 4020:2005: Potable PVC Liner: Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water.
Smart Tank Extreme


  • Potable Water tanks
  • Rain Water Harvesting tanks
  • Rapid deployment tanks
  • Remote sites
  • Rural area sites
  • Safety tanks flammable liquids
  • Settlement Tanks
  • Septic Tanks
  • Stock and poultry tanks
  • Storm water retention basins
  • Township development tanks
  • UN organisations
  • Water purification tanks
  • Water storage tanks
  • Agricultural Tanks
  • Aquaculture Tanks
  • Clear Water Tanks
  • Domestic water Storage
  • Fast DIY Tanks
  • Filtration Tanks
  • Fire water tanks
  • Fish Ponds & Hatcheries
  • Forestry Dams
  • Frac Water tanks
  • Grey Water Tanks
  • Holiday resort tanks
  • Industrial tanks
  • Irrigation Dams
  • Mining Water Tanks

Smart Tank Gallery

Multiple Applications

The Smart Tank is suitable for a wide range of applications. In the agricultural sector they are ideal for irrigation, stock and poultry use. Additionally, they are widely used in the Industrial and Mining sector, for rural and domestic water storage, grain storage, waste water treatment plants, township development and for storing potable water in security estates. Furthermore, they can be used for certain chemical storage applications depending on the liner type and the chemical being stored. What’s more, their exceptional fireproofing qualities make The Smart Tank Extreme is ideal for firewater storage tanks.

Exceptional Quality

The Smart Tank design is in accordance to a recognized code of practice, this enables Aquadam to design various custom water tanks for numerous projects according specific design codes and standards.

The Smart Tank is designed to stand up to aggressive wind loads in specific regions where hurricanes, high winds and thunderstorms occur regular. The tank shell can be adapted to your specific needs, we can adapt the wall sheet thickness, roof sheeting and truss design for an even more durable structure when nature comes thundering down.

The steel panels of the tank are coated with a zinc layer on both sides. The corrugated steel sheet is continuously hot dipped in a formulation of Aluminum (55%) Zinc (43.5%) and Silicon (1.5%). The aluminum components of the coating provide a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core steel. Zinc has inherent sacrificial properties and corrodes first before the mild steel corrodes.

A lightweight zincalume roof designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 100km an hour can cover tanks. Roofs are fitted with a hatch, internal and external ladder for easy access inside the tank. Tank can also be sealed with felt seal to avoid insects, dust contamination.

All commercial an industrial water storage tanks require the construction of a concrete ring beam footing. It is imperative for the client to ensure that a the foundation and civil works for the site are adequate. Ringbeam design is dependent on the tank size and location.


  • Thanks to its corrugated shell and the zincalume coating, the Smart Tank is very durable for inland and coastal conditions.
  • Using the latest geomembrane technology, we make sure that the liquid stored inside is not contaminated: the tank is lined with a certified potable liner suitable for human and animal consumption.
  • Having a modular design, The Smart Tank can be shipped anywhere in the world and erected on-site very easily.
  • The Smart Tank can be produced in optional polymer coated colors that can blend into the environment.
  • The Smart Tank is designed to withstand wind speeds, thunderstorms and earthquakes.
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