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We Provide top quality

Water Tanks & Dome Covers

at affordable prices

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We Provide top quality

Water Tanks & Dome Covers

at Affordable prices

Stronger. Better. Smarter.

Aquadam’s steel water tanks and dome covers, is changing the way organizations manage their water and storage systems. We recognise that our success is in large part due to the outstanding talent and dedication of our team members-individuals who share a common commitment to innovation, creativity, integrity and delivery beyond our customers expectations.

Aquadam boasts experienced leadership, award-winning solutions, proven industry expertise and a reputation for rapidly delivering dramatic results to your water storage needs around the world.

We developed high quality steel tanks and dome covers for a broad spectrum of industry sectors including agriculture, mining, fire-protection, construction and food & beverage.

Our storage solutions are widely used in rural, domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications. We dominate the industry with our wide variety of tank sizes, volumes and different products designed by a qualified Engineer.

Products manufactured on demand

Flatsheet Tanks
Corrugated Tanks
Membrane Covers
Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Rhino Tank

Epoxy Coated Tanks

Fire Tank

Fire Tank

Fire Protection Tanks


Smart Tank

Zincalume Corrugated Tanks

Rainwater storage Home water tanks

Home Tank

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Self Storage Agricultural

Agri Dome

Fabric Membrane Covers


“When it comes to providing the best value-for-money products, Aquadam is a Kingdom Business you can trust. 

We are the most trusted & reliable providers of steel tanks and dome covers in Africa.

Aquadam is known for water tanks and dome covers that are smart, durable, and long lasting

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We have acquired the most technology advanced roll forming equipment & bending machinery to form and bend each steel coated tank exactly to your specific needs and specifications.


The owners of Aquadam has more than 50 years experience in the manufacturing and installation of water retaining structures from as small as 1500 liter tanks up to 5 Million liter tanks.


Our steel coated tanks is designed and manufactured on demand to last you a lifetime and guaranteed to give you peace of mind when you acquire a tank from Aquadam.


Every tank is optimally designed by a professional engineer to use the strongest and best materials available. Most of the materials is sourced locally to save on import duties and cost.


Every tank is build with the very best experienced and passionate workers as if it were there own. Installers are trained and certified to give you the most memorable experience during every installation process.


We have a great team of professional office personnel who makes it there duty to support each customer with there specific water storage needs in the shortest possible time.

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